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Welcome to CMB Digital Distribution

Let us help bridge the gap between you and your consumers.


Maximize your marketing campaign with effective digital media ads.


Monetize your content.


Sell your music and videos worldwide.




Music Distribution


We assist individuals and labels distribute music content on all digital platforms worldwide. We also collect royalties on their behalf and pay directly to the parties involved.

Social Media Management


Social Media is a major component in any business and it does not end at just having an account, your brand should meet its purpose for being on social media. With the varying metrics such as retweets, likes, clicks, views, shares and constant social monitoring, your brand stands to gain more voice among competitors .

Content Creation.


Content is the king and distribution is queen and she wears the pants. We are all about giving your brand the right content to engage your audience and achieve brand goals.

Online Advertising


With PPC (pay-per-click) and impression-based advertising, we give your brand visibility to millions of Nigerians. Your online brand presence is also optimized to generate the desired results in terms of visibility and conversion 

Video Production  


Lights, Camera, Action.

The best form of media for advertisement is video. from storyboarding to shooting, lighting, grading, sound design & rendering we are determined to deliver the brand message to your audience.

Search Engine Optimization


Appearing tops in Search Engine results is a major priority for brands. By making use of world standard SEO practices and tools, we are able to identify keywords and optimize your website to lead the pack in search engine results. 



We are ready to assist you with our wide range of effective online analytic tools that helps brands. These tools include social analytics to web and mobile analytics for existing brands in Nigeria. These tools are implemented into our marketing strategy to identify trends and behavioral patterns and create demand for your brand online.

YouTube Marketing.


Consultation and video directions from our certified Youtube advertisers with detailed data on related channels in your industry. Professional channel configuration and arrangement to International standard. 



Our team is based out of Lagos. We are a group of passionate marketers, committed to the success of our clients. CMB Digital Distribution is in the fun business of marketing through the various digital media channels to drive web traffic, engage an audience, run social campaigns, distribute material and contribute unique content to grow a brand.

Founded in 2014, CMB Digital Distribution delivers proven social media marketing results. We are committed to influencing optimal revenue growth while exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Our Clients


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