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CMB Digital's InfinixBeta: Revolutionising Nigerian Music with Cutting-Edge Talent Development

The Nigerian music industry is experiencing a seismic shift, thanks to CMB Digital Distribution's groundbreaking product, InfinixBeta. Launched in 2021 as part of the _VisionInfiniX _project, a digital transformation collaboration project between Sony Music and CMB Digital Distribution company launched in 2020.

InfinixBeta is an innovative solution poised to reshape talent development and address the longstanding challenges of talent depletion in Nigeria's music sphere, serving as a launchpad for budding artists to soar both locally and globally. In Nigeria, nurturing homegrown musical talent has historically posed challenges, including limited access to quality education, mentorship, and international exposure, which has often eluded promising talents. CMB Digital Distribution recognized these obstacles and sought to revolutionize the industry.

CMB’s InfinixBeta offers a comprehensive set of features to empower Nigerian artists. These include virtual masterclasses, global music distribution, educational resources, performance analytics, funding opportunities, and data analytics. The platform serves as a powerhouse that connects industry titans to upcoming artists through virtual masterclasses on songwriting, production, marketing, and legalities while providing seamless global music distribution to major streaming platforms.

Artists could also gain access to curated resources, including video tutorials, e-books, and webinars, to stay ahead of industry trends while gaining deep insights into audience demographics, listening habits, and geographic reach of their peers. One of the most talked about features of InfinixBeta is the community access to exclusive grants from award-winning artists which has served as a means of support to elevate and improve the quality of music production.

Since the launch of infinixBeta in 2021, there has been significant success in the Nigerian music landscape. This remarkable transformation includes:

• Cross-border collaborations have surged by 50%, connecting Nigerian artists with global counterparts.

• Over 50 scholarships for advanced music education have been awarded, fostering a more skilled artist community.

• Artist sign-ups have increased by an astounding 150%, showcasing the platform's growing popularity.

• Nigerian artists are going global, with a 120% increase in cross-border partnerships.

Success Impact: InfinixBeta has supported the careers of artists like Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, and Burna Boy in establishing music collaborations with young talents and has provided a channel to offer sponsorship/grants to artists.

Testimonials from artists further highlight the platform's impact.

Music artist Adeola, a rising star, attests, "CMB Digital Distribution has been a game-changer for me. The mentorship and global collaboration opportunities have expanded my horizons beyond my expectations.

A music producer, Emeka states, "Access to data insights has been invaluable. It helped me tailor my music to resonate better with my audience."

CMB Digital Distribution is committed to boosting the Nigerian music industry with AI-driven recommendation systems and expanded partnerships with UK, USA, and Canadian labels. The InfinixBeta digital product, launched by Vision InfiniX in 2019, has already revitalized Nigerian music, fostering global recognition and talent development. The future holds even greater promise, showcasing the rising era of Nigerian music.

The revolution of royalty management in Nigerian music can be seen in the CMB Digital Distribution royalty online platform named VisionInfiniX, a digital product that was released in 2019 and officially launched in 2020 to provide a solution to the gap in digital intellectual property and music royalty management in Nigeria. This digital product was designed and developed by the company’s Strategic Product Lead Vivienne Njobi, as part of the digital transformation collaboration project between CMB Digital Distribution, and SONY Record, which kicked off in 2019.

The vision of the _VisionInfiniX _project, would facilitate the growth in the Nigerian digital music space, transform the landscape, and empower artists with the tools they need to succeed and reap the reward of their hard work and artistry for decades to come.

The VisioninfiniX product features a game-changer, in that it is tailored to empower Nigerian artists through Seamless Royalty Management, Global Collaboration Hub, Performance, Analytics, Promotion, and Marketing Tools.

According to the success report from CMB Digital Distribution, since the launch of the VisionInfiniX digital platform in 2020, the organization has seen a 30% increase in royalty receipts for Nigerian artists managed under CMB, a 42% surge in cross-border music collaboration, Afrobeat market expansion and an 18% contribution to the Nigerian music industry. This product has also facilitated an increase in global listenership across countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. In addition to this, CMB has also reported a robust increase in its revenue surging up to 120% in 2022.

Indeed, the future only looks brighter for CMB Digital Distribution as it continues to break barriers in the Nigerian music industry.

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